Overview of Sessions

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How can we ensure that health, food systems, and sustainable agricultural systems mutually reinforce one another to better support people’s livelihoods and well-being?

Agrobiodiversity and seeds in changing food systems

Challenges for the transformative “new science of sustainable food systems”

Challenges in yam systems for improved livelihoods in West Africa

Citizen – Driven Water Management for Healthy Lives and Sustainable Agriculture

Commercializing Agriculture–Reorganizing Gender

Commoditization, employment and the question of land: How does access to land shape employment conditions in the rural labour market?
Enhancing utilization of Climate Services for strengthening livelihoods in low and middle income countries

Impacting beyond niches: exploring approaches for up- and out-scaling innovations in mountains areas

Novel Fertilizers: Role of innovations in plant nutrition for sustainable food systems

Organic farming for improved livelihoods, health and food security in tropical smallholder farming communities

Research uptake pathways to evidence-based policy and practice – a LANSA experience


How can we deal with environmental sustainability while achieving economic development?

Applying a nexus approach to sustainable management and use of natural resources in a context of institutional transformation. Evidence from Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan)

Evidence for policy: Approaches for effectively supporting policymaking towards sustainable development

Integrating ecosystems, water resources and energy to manage wastewater and improve the quality of life in urban areas

Understanding and transforming drivers of land systems in a globalized world

Securing and enhancing access to land for smallholders in shifting cultivation systems


How can we promote inclusive, equitable, and peaceful societies?

Behavioural “fixes” for inclusive business: creating the human “software” to achieving SDGs ?

Being defined by past location: displaced communities, conflict memories, and the right to return

Conflict transformation and peace-building research contributions to Sustainable Development Goal 16

“Extending social health protection systems in low and middle income countries”: the role of partnerships between NGOs and research institutions

Making Trade More Inclusive

The Micro-Politics of Gender and Violent Conflict

The role of norms in peace processes


How can we ensure that partnerships are transformative?

Addressing multiple SDGs: The relevance of multisectoral approaches for sustainable development

Alternative knowledge production for social transformation

Building transformative partnerships between health services and communities as a means to advancing the Agenda towards Sustainable Development: A pathway foward

Doing transformative research for sustainable development ‘at scale’: Learnings from Future Earth and other global research efforts

Increasing equality in partnerships – views from the field, from policy makers and from funders

Partnerships for producing and effectively using knowledge that advances transformations towards sustainable development

Scientists are from Mars, Policymakers are from Venus: How to Build Transformational Partnerships in a World of Conflicting Priorities

Testing the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) as a tool for fair, efficient and effective research partnerships

Towards Transformative Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Cases from South Africa and Myanmar

Transformative partnerships by participatory modeling

Uses of evidence in contested contexts. Political? Technical? Transformative?