Cultural Event

The cultural event of the ICRD 2017 will take place at “Heitere Fahne” on the evening of 7 September 2017. Solo accordion player Mario Batkovic will perform at the event.

Please note: The cultural event on the evening of 7 September 2017 is booked out. However, we have set up a waiting list. To join the waiting list, please send us an e-mail with “Cultural Event: Waiting List” in the subject line. Please note that you will only be contacted if a spot opens up.

“Heitere Fahne” is an inclusive palace of freedom that brings together culture, theatre, and delicious food in a social context and in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration. The inclusive nature of the place is most notably expressed in the openness of projects for people with disabilities, children, and young people, and in their active participation.

To achieve this, “Heitere Fahne” builds on a great deal of idealism and the sharing of human and creative resources contributed by around forty dedicated and passionate volunteers who support its projects.

“Heitere Fahne” is a slightly different meeting place – a place where people can come together and feel at ease with all their peculiarities, share their thoughts and ideas, and engage in joint projects. And at the same time, they get to enjoy culinary and cultural treats.

The name “Heitere Fahne” is a play on words. “Heiter” means bright, serene, humorous, and cheerful, but also tipsy; “Fahne” is both a flag and the smell of alcohol on one’s breath. In Bernese dialect, finally, “Heiterefahne!” is an exclamation of surprise and wonder, and sometimes also a mild swear word.