How can we ensure that partnerships are transformative?

Partnerships for producing and effectively using knowledge that advances transformations towards sustainable development

Basement Room A-119 September 7, 2017 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Eliud Abucheli Birachi¹, Manuel Vogt², Martina Zapf³

¹International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT, Kigali, Rwanda; ²ETH Zürich, Switzerland; ³Interpeace, Switzerland


Aim of theme: To significantly advance discussion of different perspectives and critical reflections on innovative approaches to transformative partnerships.

Approach: Use of engaged panel dialogue between scientists, policymakers, civil society, and the private sector is needed to deal with the complexity of trade-offs between different sustainability targets, as well as to achieve policy coherence. A panel (a maximum of 6 discussants) from these different categories of stakeholders will be constituted to explore among others the following issues:

The following issues will be explored by the panelists:

Topic 1,  Convener Eliud Birachi

How can we transform scientific findings into powerful information for policy in politically sensitive contexts? The topic will focus on n how to Package and disseminate politically sensitive and context specific information. The areas that will be explored are: 

  1. How to work with and within strong government system to disseminate research evidence using the case of Rwanda and Laos
  2. Using strong civil society including producer cooperatives to reach closed unresponsive bureaucracy with research evidence/findings.

Topic 2,  Convener Martina Zapf

Ensuring the sustainable development of conflict-affected countries: how meaningful partnerships can strengthen resilience to conflict.  The topic will explore how meaningful partnerships – as an example of transformative partnerships – can help conflict-affected societies put an end to cycles of conflict and realize their full development.  The following areas will be explored:

  1. The concept of meaningful partnership as a modus operando that can contribute to stopping the recurrence of conflict.
  2. Enhancing local capacities for resilience – not only for direct partners, but for the community or society more generally.

Topic 3,  Convener Manuel Vogt

Accommodation of Group Interests in Multi-ethnic States: “How can we promote inclusive, equitable, and peaceful societies?” The topic will review the following issues: 

  1. How and when do unified ethnic movements emerge?
  2. And what state responses to ethnic movements increase or decrease the risk of violence?